Part B


Sr. No. School Policies Download Details
1 Bereavement Policy Download
2 Bullying Policy Download
3 Corporal Punishment Download
4 Counselling Policy Download
5 Health and Safety Policy Download
6 Homework Policy Download
7 Policy on Assessment Download
8 Policy on Complaints Download
9 Policy on healthy eating Download
10 Policy on Latecomers Download
11 Policy on School Bus Transport Download
12 Professional Code of Ethics Download
13 SEN and Gifted Policy Download
14 Graduation Policy Download
15 Policy on Child Abuse Download
16 Policy on Fire Safety Download
17 Policy on Pupils Injury Download
18 Policy on Grade 11 Admission Download
19 Policy on School Academic Awards Download
20 Policy on School Counselling Download
21 Policy on Student Enhancement Program Download
22 Policy on Swimming Pool Download
23 Washroom Policy Download
24 E safety policy Download
25 No Smoking Policy Download
26 Policy on Gifted and Talented Download
27 Policy on Birthday Celebration Download
28 CCTV Policy Download
29 Policy On Teacher and Student Classroom behavior Download
30 Policy On Student Tracking Download
31 Policy On Curriculum Download
32 Teaching Learning Policy Download
33 Policy on First Aid Download
34 Policy on School Laboratories Download
35 Policy On School Fee Download
36 Policy on medication Download
37 Policy on Student Illness Download
38 Policy On extracurricular activities Download
39 Policy On School Management Committee Download
40 Policy On Cyber Safety(Received from ADEK) Download
41 Policy On Remote Learning Download
42 Policy On Student Wellbeing Download