Extra-Curricular Activities

Art,Craft,Music &Dance:

Provide a wide range of art projects that bring out the most creative side of your ward. We also provide wide range of mediums which they can choose to pursue such as acrylic, water coloring, sketching, charcoal and many more. We encourage students to take risks and do group projects and create masterpieces of their own! We also have a very dedicated dance teacher, who teaches many dance forms and it is important for students to participate as it will help in building their confidence but also their body posture, over all mental and physical health of a child is improved.

We provide a wide range from arts to craft for all grades and the best ones are put to display and rewarded accordingly in their year-end marksheet. Music, we have a dedicated music teacher. We have previously won many inter-school singing competitions; The Dunes International School has its own Band. Dance is an excellent form of self-expression and our thoughts. Keeping this in mind we have provide great facilities for dance.

Making learning fun …..everyday!

Sport Activities:

The Dunes International School provides wide range of sports activities, because all work and no play makes everyone dull and boring. It also boosts self-esteem, discipline which will help them turn into responsible students and pick up benefitting healthy lifestyle for life long!

Swimming, Basketball, Cricket, karate and many more fun sport activities are provided by us. It not only gives them a much-needed break from studies, but helps them improve their team player spirit and overall health.

Providing Healthy and Competitive Environment

House system:

Color’s have always been used to express yourself. Keeping that in mind, we have the simplest house system that helps students in many ways.

We have four set of colors, Ridge, Knoll, Hillock, Hummock. Yearly new presidents of each grade wise will be allocated on based of their overall performance in all activities in and around school. This helps in building their morale, making them a responsible young adult, and helps them explore ideals of taking on responsibility and performing tasks as leader of a team.


Career guidance & education:

Our school counselor provides prompt advice on career advice and emotional support to students.  We study their pattern of person and help each child individual if they face any sort of difficulty maintain peer to peer bond or be it teacher student bond and so on in other areas of life.

We hold annual meetings , parent teacher meetings and career fairs, lectures from passed out or graduating students all these activities help them shape their future and mindset of students according to their preference.