Agreement Between DIS & Parents

In Dunes International School we will do all we can :

  1. Take care of your child and promote his / her spiritual, moral, intellectual, cultural, emotional and social development
  2. Work with you to help your child achieve his/her full potential
  3. Provide an interesting and stimulating curriculum within the framework of the National Curriculum requirements
  4. Be available for advice and guidance to enhance child development in all spheres (about work)
  5. Monitor progress and achievement and explain and discuss results with you
  6. Arrange meetings in each term to discuss your child’s achievement
  7. Share and try to resolve any concerns you or we may have about child
  8. Establish a code of behavior to ensure a safe and caring and understanding environment
  9. Seek your support for active involvement in school, including classroom interaction
  10. Always listen to your concerns and work with you to make Dunes International School a happy, effective, inclusive and school, par excellence so that your child will have the best education we can provide.