Contract Between Parents & Dunes International School

As a parent I/we will make sure that :

  1. My/our child/children, attend school regularly and punctually
  2. I/we make every effort to encourage and support my child’s /our children’s learning
  3. I/we communicate with the school promptly in writing, by telephone or verbally, if for any reason my/our child is unable to attend
  4. I/we support the school’s policies on uniform and behavior
  5. I/we inform the school if I/we have concerns about bullying either of my/our child/ or by our child
  6. I/we follow the complaints procedure, if I/we are unhappy about anything
  7. I/we make every effort to attend events at which I/we can discuss my/our children’s’ progress with school staff
  8. I/we will encourage my/our children to have respect and concern for all the children and staff of Dunes International School
  9. I/we do not approach any other child to speak to them about any incident that may have occurred between them and my/our child/children, but I/we will discuss the matter with the class teacher only
  10. I/we will remember to speak to a teacher at time allotted to me.
  11. If I/we are unhappy about something, we will seek an appointment to meet first with the Vice – Principal/Counsellor to discuss the matter.