Parent Testimonials

Jaya Chandaran Father of Nivediya Grade 1 (2019-2020)

I feel overjoyed to share my experience with the school, as reflected on my daughter Nivedya’s progress in and after school. Dunes International school is a wonderful place for our kids to learn, play and get educated. I feel so gratified when I see my daughter act and react so intelligently in situations. Dunes creates the best possible place for our child’s development. I have observed overall personality development in her. The teachers are helpful, have vibrant personality and are always ready to assist.

Mr. RAJENDRAN father of Master SHAJAN RAJENDRAN Grade 3 (2019-2020)

Since joining Dunes , my son has become responsible and an active speaker , he is aware of his behavior and how his actions affect others , he takes part in SEP program offered at Dunes . I’ve seen a lot of overall change in him and with his teacher’s continuous support and modesty he shall continue reaching new heights’.


Mrs. HASEENA BATHOOL mother of Nuha Grade 1 (2018-2019)

My daughter Nuha has shown rigorous improvement during her Grade 1 n the Academic year 2018-2019. She now, answers questions logically and has developed her reasoning and critical thinking skills. She was shy earlier now she is slowly learning how to be independent. She has changed her attitude and never wants to give up. She is very much taking part in all the competitions. She shows eagerness’ and curiosity as a learner. Dunes has made me a proud parent. Thank you Dunes team and continue the good work!! I pray for success in your future endeavors.


Mrs. RENY BABY JOHN mother of Issac GRADE KG (2019-2020)

My son’s behavior has evolved in Dunes, day by day I’ve seen him grow. At Dunes, his gross motor skills have been enhanced, their teaching strategies have been very helpful, I’m glad he’s taking part in actively in everything offered to him.


Mr.Jaygopal father of REYANISH Grade 4 (2018-2019)

REYANISH joined Dunes, in 2018 and I have only seen him grow since that day. He is pushed to do his best in all aspects, be it studies or extra – circular. I’m very happy with my decision of moving my child into Dunes. Teachers give explicit comments on Parent-Teacher Conference meetings and we are even kept in the loop of daily lessons conducted in the class. We as parents have been active members and witness of his growth.


Mr. Sameer Vira father of Anvi Vira Grade 2 (2019-2020)

My child joined the school from the year 2015. Her journey in school so far has been very wonderful she has evolved in the direction of achieving milestones and motivated her to have a unique identity. School has set right kind of expectation, trained her to be independent and responsible for her own learning. School has provided her with opportunities which are empowering and good in building her self-esteem.