What our vision and mission means to us?

We see our vision as follows:

As an International school, we are committed to the development of students in all arenas of life.  We foster to inculcate and appreciate-

  • Academic excellence.
  • Creativity
  • Leadership and Communication Skills
  • Culture and Heritage
  • Innovation and research skills

Academic excellence:

Set Educational targets to groom Research, Mathematical, Creative and Scientific skills.

  • Work to continually exceed expectations and targets.
  • Maintain high standards to meet the educational goals set for our learners.


  • Provide immense opportunities for the students to express creativity in its various forms-like dance, drama, writing, art and craft.
  • Not limiting the thought process, we allow the children to bring in creativity in whatever they do in school and outside.
  • Enable the students to use their imagination and original ideas to create something or invent and express their inherent talents

Leadership and Communication Skills:

  • We build in them the desire to lead by example.
  • We aim to prepare the children to be leaders in all aspects of life and live with honesty, confidence and integrity.
  • We develop the skill to communicate and express thoughts in a manner which enables our students reach out to the community confidently.

Culture and Heritage:

  • Our students learn to appreciate all cultures and respect traditions. They are sensitive towards preserving the Indian culture and respect and follow the rich values, customs and traditions of UAE.
  • We instill in our learners to conserve the natural heritage and the heritage of places they visit and live.
  • The students learn to demonstrate Indian and UAE culture with passion.

Innovation and research skills:

  • We inculcate in our children to find the courage to challenge conventional trends to bring innovation in ideas and actions.
  • To dream big and bring in the desired positive change through research, modernization and novelty
  • No idea is too small or too large if it makes things better for our students and community.