Vision & Mission

Our Vision

The vision of our school is to inspire a community of learners to cultivate highest standards in every student to excel academically, be innovative, creative, and competitive so as to always reshape themselves as “DUNES” and excel as global citizens while celebrating the cultural diversity.

Our Mission

We are inspired by the sand dunes of UAE that reminds us that there is beauty, flexibility in everything. In the energizing sun, during the windy days the dunes stand tall and beautiful always ready to glorify and unfold the beauty that lies within. We recognize that each child is unique and therefore we strive to provide them with an experience which enables them to achieve and succeed.

We encourage creative and being innovative with the reflection of meaningful real-life learning experiences. Our curriculum celebrates to create a nurturing environment with a strong and positive partnership between parents and global community. We endeavor to equip our children with all essential learning skills and an attitude required to become celebrated International citizens. In addition to academic excellence, our curriculum offers opportunities for our students to excel in innovation, being flexible, competent leadership, sports and creativity.